Ever wondered what cold press means, or what makes it different to the shop bought juices? In general, most juices you see on sale in store are pasteurised, this is a process that kills bacteria in food and drink. Heat is used to eliminate harmful bacteria but it also removes several good bacterias in the process. You will be able to spot pasteurised juices by their long life dates!

Cold-pressed juices do not use heat, whilst a hydraulic press crushes and then presses the fruit and vegetables. Once bottled, sealed and pressure applied to inactivate pathogens the pressed fruits and vegetables extract the maximum amount of nectar, leaving the rawest form of juice available - a bottle full of joy and nutritions.  So no heat means the preservation of valuable enzymes and vitamins for up to three days.

At Flavour Garden, our cold-pressed juices follow the above process. In addition (yes it still gets better!!) they are made from 100% organic fruit and vegetables.

To top it all off, all of our tasty recipes have been created especially for us by well known American nutritionist and professional juice business consultant Mr Ari Sexner. Known for his unusual flavour mixes, Ari developed the first USDA Certified Organic juice program on the Las Vegas strip for the Bellagio Hotel.

At Flavour Garden you can choose from 10 juices which have each been carefully designed to feed the body and mind.

  • Hydrating Green - perfect for those suffering from a heavy night

  • Protein Rich - ideal for a pre or post gym visit

  • Boosting Beets -  a good source of iron and folate for those needing a boost in mind or exercise performance

Given the glowing feedback from customers, our team is busy working on a juice cleansing programme. Further details will follow shortly for it's launch in January.